KDST offers a high quality manual slack adjuster to meet the needs of Tata trucks in India. India is well known for rough road conditions and at KDST, we make sure that all of our Tata slack adjuster units go on and on for many thousand kilometers to come. Thanks to our amazing slack adjuster engineers, the Tata slack adjusters made by KDST are able to withstand extreme road conditions and hot temperature conditions easily and effectively.

tata slack adjuster

A Tata slack adjuster by KDST

Slack Adjuster is one of the most vital, yet overlooked part in Trailers and Trucks. We are the specialists when it comes to Slack Adjusters. Our quality and precision will set your pulse racing and our clarity about the slack adjusters is simply striking and you can take us for granted that we are experts in what we do, that is, make long-lasting slack adjusters. We have an exhaustive range for both manual slack adjusters as-well-as automatic ones.

kdst tata slack adjuster

Top quality

The prices of Tata slack adjusters by KDST may not be the lowest but they are reasonable and are made from top quality forgings. Computer and automotive engineers ensure that the goods received by retailers and end consumers are top notch so that they do not have to face any sort of trouble later on.

Quality and Quantity

Slack Adjusters net will supply any amount of quatity you need. We keep massive stocks just to ensure that you are able to get going on time. Just give us a call on 08860905757 and we will get back to you.

DCC and FIEO member

Slack Adjuster net’s parent company, KDST is a member of Federation of India Export Organization (FIEO) and Delhi Chamber of Commerce (DCC) which epitomize the commitment in making excellent Tata slack adjusters.

Tata 1612 slack adjuster and Tata 709 slack adjuster

Slack Adjuster net has stock of Tata 1612 slack adjuster in India. The stock of both front and rear Tata 1612 slack adjusters are always available. Same goes for Tata 709 slack adjusters for front and rear parts.

tata 1612 slack adjuster

Tata 709 and 1612 rear slack adjusters

Tata 1109, TC slack adjuster and Tata 2515 and 2515 Turbo slack adjuster

Slack adjusters net also make Tata TC, Tata 2515 and 2515 Turbo slack adjusters. Tata 1109 is a very popular truck in India and we make slack adjusters for that as well.

257342110157 Tata 1612/2515 Front Slack Adjuster
257342110178 Tata 1612 Rear (rh) Slack Adjuster
257342110177 Tata 1612 Rear (lh) Slack Adjuster
264142110117 Tata 709/909/1109 Front Slack Adjuster
264142110118 Tata 709 Rear (rh) Slack Adjuster
264142110160 Tata 709 Rear (lh) Slack Adjuster
257642300136 Tata 2515 Rear (rh) Slack Adjuster
257642300137 Tata 2515 Rear (lh) Slack Adjuster
215342300124 Tata 909 Rear (rh) Slack Adjuster
215342300125 Tata 909 Rear (lh) Slack Adjuster
215342300128 Tata 1109 Rear (rh) Slack Adjuster
215342300129 Tata 1109 Rear (lh) Slack Adjuster
27248300101 Tata 1612/2515 Front Slack Adjuster

OEM part numbers are for reference purposes only. Get in touch with us by giving a call to 09873537984 or by sending an email to tataslackadjuster@gmail.com