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The slack adjuster is one of the most vital, yet overlooked part in Trailers and Trucks. We are the specialists when it comes to Slack Adjusters. Our quality and precision will set your pulse racing and our clarity about the Slack Adjusters is simply striking and you can take us for granted that we are experts in what we do, that is, make long-lasting slack adjusters. We have an exhaustive range for both manual slack adjusters as-well-as automatic ones. Get in touch with us!


We make slack adjusters for BPW, Ashok Leyland, Hendred, ROR, Mercedes Benz, Fuwa, York, ROR and Tata. Just send an email to k to get in touch with us.

Slack Adjuster Clevis

Clevis plays a chief role in connecting the slack adjuster to the brake air chamber. In fact, clevis does the job of passing the motion from air chamber rod to the slack adjuster which in turns moves the brake cam shaft. Shaft holder (bracket) keeps the Cam shaft in place, thanks to the pile of [...]

Tata 709 Slack Adjuster

Compared to bigger Tata Trucks like Tata 1516, 1510 and Tata 1612, the 709 (including 709 EX, 909 EX and 1109 EX) is fairly smaller in size. That said, the Slack adjuster looks very much the same as the bigger one. Of course, the only difference lies in the fact that the latter has smaller [...]

Slack Adjuster Adjustment

Before you begin the adjustment, it is important that you block the tires to prevent the trailer from moving. You can do this by raising the truck / trailer by using a jack stand during the adjustment.

DAF Slack Adjusters

285.951 (RH) 505.839 663.732 663.733 505.835 285.592 (LH) 505.84 10 spline X 1 hole (straight) 10 spline X 1 hole (bent) 14mm hole